21 Day Fix Approved Recipes

My customers love the 21 Day Fix and the results they are seeing.  The #1 question I get asked is for more recipes that are fix-approved.  I’d love to send you some of my favorite recipes to help you get started.


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Do you enjoy quick, simple recipes? Ones where you don’t have to hunt all the aisles looking for exotic ingredients? If so, this booklet is perfect for you. I’m a Registered Dietitian who loves healthy recipes. I’m also a mom who knows that evenings are busy. We want to feed our family healthy meals, but we often don’t have hours to prepare those meals. Let’s work together and help you achieve your goals all while pleasing your family at the dinner table.

"I love these recipes! They've made eating healthy easy and I love that they are family friendly. The added bonus is they are fix-approved."

~ Becky